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From our Family to YoursDURRENCE FAMILY

Kyle grew up with farming in his blood.  His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all farmers.  I'm sure it goes back farther than that, but these are the ones we know of that were involved in pecans.  So, you see Kyle really is fourth generation nuts!!

We are located in Southeast Georgia.  Reidsville is our home and the actual Durden Pecan Co. plant is in Metter. We live in Kyle's Great Grandfather's homeplace in the middle of a pecan orchard, no doubt!! We remodeled and added on to it in 1997.

Vidalia onions, green peanuts for boiling, sweet potatoes, corn, wheat, soybeans are just a few of the crops grown in our area.  Beef, chicken and pork are also thriving industries here. 

We started a very small mail order business back in October of 1992.  I couldn't believe how much it cost to put a small classified ad in Southern Living Magazine!!  And it amazed me more at the number of contacts we made through that one little ad! 

Our business has grown steadily over the past fifteen years with very loyal customers.  Once someone tries our nuts, they tend to stick with us because of the quality of our product. Many of our clients have become like family.  Every October, November and December, I get to talk to them and catch up with what they have been doing through out the year. 

Many ask about our children; we have always put a picture of them in our flyers.  I think some of our customers look forward to seeing how they have grown.

Bethany is now 18 years old and a freshman at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. She was accepted into the Honor’s Education Program and is doing quite well. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education and looks forward to having her own classroom one day!! Not having her at home has been a big adjustment!!
Bailey is now 16 years old and a sophomore in High School. She just got her driver’s license! So now we have two drivers on the road! Just say a prayer for us! Bailey is the only one still taking piano lessons and she is also very interested in photography and painting. 

Brynn is now 14 years old and a freshman in High School. She has transitioned very well into the new much bigger school. I cannot believe that in just a few months she will be getting her Learner’s license! Oh my at all the drivers!!! Brynn loves to read and play tennis. I’m hoping she will go out for the tennis team this year.


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~Sonya L Durrence






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